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March 2015 Question: How long do we need to keep financial files for the WBC grant? I know we aren’t required to keep counseling and training past 3 years, but what about financials? Answer: Generally financial files should be kept 3 years past the closing year. That way the information would be available for any

One Way to Get Noticed!

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This truly speaks to advocacy – telling your story, sharing your impact and creating visibility for your clients! The WBC in Wisconsin got noticed recently on CBS News and shared the clip with all of their funders, partners, volunteers, etc. It is a video clip of a great story that aired as a result of

Best Practice – Fundraising – Speed Advising

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Three Key Steps to Success in Advocacy

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Best Practice – Impact Statement

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Landmark Masonry

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House Funds WBCs

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Membership Confirmation

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Thank you for your recent payment for your membership with the Association of Women’s Business Centers.  We are grateful for your support. Our efforts in advocacy, training and research on behalf of Women’s Business Center continue to make a difference, and we want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work that