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Jun 5

Ask the Expert: Step-by-Step Financial Projections Workshop

June 5, 2023 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT

Many businesses take time to ramp up and become profitable, however if the economics don’t take a turn for the better in the near future, you basically have an expensive hobby. Not having a good understanding of the economics of your business can lead you down the path to financial ruin. Understanding the financial position of your company is essential to your ability to grow, access capital, and your overall long-term success. In this Ask the Expert session, we will walk through our Financial Projections template, including Gross Margin and Profit and Loss calculations, to help you understand what all the numbers mean. We’ll cover financial management terminology and key indicators of business financial health.

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Ask the Expert events are interactive sessions that will connect you with industry leaders in a range of topics: from Access to Capital to Procurement Pathways for MWBEs. These sessions are designed to provide a deep dive into a specific business topic and to help you get answers for your specific questions. You may sign up for as many different Ask the Expert events as you need. Come prepared with your burning questions for our experts.