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QuickBooks Online for Business Owners

Thursday, April 7 - Thursday, May 26
4:00 - 5:00pm EST

Start learning about the financial side of your business and how to overcome financial challenges with this 8 part series; QuickBooks Online for  Business Owners led by  QuickBooks expert Carmen Manrique. No experience needed!

This course will walk you through best practices related to the setup and customization of QuickBooks Online, along with valuable financial literacy concepts including:

  • Getting to know your Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss

  • Why your Statement of Cash Flows  is important and how to use the report

  • How to create a budget

  • How to reconcile the bank statement

  • Understanding Key Performance Indicators and how to use them to improve company performance

  • How to use the audit log and implement strategies to prevent fraud

  • What lending institutions look for/need

  • Why industry averages/comparisons are important

  • How to develop an action plan for success


Set yourself up for success with this hands on QuickBooks Online training course.




We've set aside some time to focus on QuickBooks Online! Every Friday, QuickBooks expert Carmen Manrique will be hosting QuickBooks Online Office Hours. Stop by to find answers to any questions around QuickBooks Online. All are welcome! A meeting link will be sent upon registering for the course.