Support WBCs in Puerto Rico

Impacted businesses need your support!

Support Small Businesses in Hurricane affected communities

WBCs are making a difference in the rebuilding efforts following the recent Hurricane. Countless small businesses are looking to rebuild and need our support.

Metro Women's Business Center
Bayamon, P.R.
787-993-000 ext. 4310

Centro Empresarial para la Mujer Ana G. Mendez
Gurabo, P.R.
787-743-7979(9) ext. 4824, 4861, o 4864

Centro Empresarial Para La Mujer Fundación Sina M. Calderon
Mayaguez, P.R.

Stories from local business owners

"As traders, if we think about challenges right now, one of them is the emotional load and stress levels that we have to manage in the face of continuous trading challenges. We have had blow after blow for several years... From Maria, earthquakes, pandemic and now Fiona. Continuing to operate and subsist has been titanic... surviving and reinventing ourselves has been the constant normality.

Regarding operational difficulties, the lack of profits is undoubtedly one of the challenges for us merchants and the community in general. Especially the lack of water, without water, it is not possible to run the business. In addition, the challenge of the lack of internet/communications, which does not allow us to charge with cards, and accept only cash, limits the sales capacity. To continue operating, it is necessary to invest in generators and then be managing the supply of diesel or gas, if there are supplies. It becomes a "one day at a time" operation... each day analyzing the challenges and determining whether or not it is possible to open to the public.

In our case at the brewery, the absence of electricity also prevents us from continuing production and also affects wholesale sales, since other merchants, unable to open, do not buy. Likewise, the complications in the shipments and the delays with the load do not allow us to receive the raw material for the production.

We are giving the battle again, but the frustration and draining of the situation is felt every minute. The uncertainty of what is next should not be our day to day."

- Angelique Sina | Yaritza the Beer Box