AWBC Board of Directors and Committees, Interest Form

Board Member Qualifications. To be eligible for election to the Board of Directors, an individual must be a paid up Affiliate Member or represent a Member organization, and must have demonstrated an interest in and knowledge of women’s business ownership. Once elected, Directors employed by a Member Organization shall serve in their individual capacities and not as representatives of the Member Organization. An employee of a Member Organization who serves as a Director on behalf of a Member Organization and who subsequently ceases to work for the Member Organization during the individual’s tenure as a Director must become an Affiliate Member to retain status as a Director. 

2022 Timeline (For Board Member Submissions)

July 22: Deadline to submit interest form

July 26: AWBC Board reviews recommendations for new board slate

August 23:  AWBC membership is notified of the 2022/2023 slate of Board Members

September 21: AWBC Annual Membership Meeting and Installation of Board Members