Entrepreneurial Leadership and Profitability for Women Business Owners

Entrepreneurial Leadership and Profitability for Women Business Owners
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Entrepreneurial Leadership and Profitability for Women Business Owners
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On average we make 35,000 decisions daily and many of these decisions are tinted beliefs we made about ourselves between the ages of two and eight! And, we lead many of our business decisions about our business confidence and competence on these outdated beliefs!

This is a 4 Module – 12 Hour Blueprint to Transition into a focused, productive and profitable business with a proven blueprint.

Enter the Entrepreneurial Leadership and Profitability for Women Business Owners that takes you through a step-by-step process of entrepreneurial success from the Inside Out!

Module One: Entrepreneurial Success Starts with You

You’ll be learning how to immediately get out of overwhelm and move into productivity using the 7 Principles of Quantum Synchronicity®.

I spoke about Quantum Synchronicity® at the AWBC 2019 fall conference!

In this session you will also see how you’re presently showing up in your business. You’ll be able to identify what’s important to you in life and in your business and what truly motivates you. You’ll have the opportunity to identify your strengths and weaknesses and while focusing on the strengths of your business brand’s purpose and business goals.

Module Two: You are the CEO and Leader of Your Business

You’ll be learning how to motivate yourself by creating a successful and leadership mindset. It takes a deep dive into what is blocking you from being the most successful entrepreneur you can be. You’ll be uncovering your brilliance by discovering the secret energy of your thoughts, beliefs, decisions and actions…no more procrastination and you’ll learn why it started in the first place!

Plus, you’ll identify and learn about your Leadership Personality.

Module Three: Guard Your High Energy Time for Maximum Productivity

In this session you will learn six strategies to increase your time and…productivity. You’ll learn how to control your time and your energy, rather than be governed by the clock. You will learn healthy time boundaries that will alleviate time stress and allow you to get things done. All the time & productivity strategies you learn for your business can easily be transferred to your life, in general. You will understand procrastination and know how to pull out of it and overwhelm in within 60 seconds!

Module Four: Creating a Profitable Business

In this module you’ll learn to get paid what you’re worth and that starts with how you and your clients/customers value what you do!

Making more money is not necessarily the key to a profitable business. You’ll learn the key points and metrics that create profits for your business and the money mindset that goes with it!

Money is just an exchange for the value your customers/clients perceive you give them.

This Program was designed specifically for Women Business Centers and the members they serve.

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