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Crowdfund Better™
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Crowdfund Better™ is the leading crowdfunding technical assistance provider in the U.S. with expertise in crowdfunding education for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits, and the organizations and advisors who serve them. Since 2012, Crowdfund Better™ has been helping entrepreneurs use crowdfunding to unlock the financial and nonfinancial support of their networks to fund projects not supported by traditional finance. Crowdfund Better™ is particularly focused on bringing the crowdfunding opportunity to women, minority and rural entrepreneurs.

- Want a “Crowdfunding Basics” webinar for your clients? Or a series of beginning and advanced crowdfunding webinars?
- Looking for help assessing a client’s viability for crowdfunding?
- Want crowdfunding professional development training and certification for your staff?
- Need a trusted referral partner for crowdfunding technical assistance for your clients?

Small businesses in the U.S. raised almost $1B in funding via crowdfunding in 2020. Don’t let your clients miss out on this new access-to-capital tool. Contact us today!
800 W. Main Street, Suite 1460
Boise, ID
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Crowdfund Better
Point of Contact
Scott Madsen
Entrepreneurial Leadership and Profitability Training for Women Business Owners
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Turn-key entrepreneurial training for early stage women businesses owners.

• 4 Models (3 hours each)
• 12 Training Hours
• Proven to result in business profitability

Why do business owners need this training?
On average we make 35,000 decisions daily and many of these decisions are tinted beliefs we made about ourselves between the ages of two and eight! And, we make many of our business decisions based on on these outdated beliefs!

About the Curriculum:
Module One: Entrepreneurial Success Starts with You

Immediately get out of overwhelm and move into productivity using the 7 Principles of Quantum Synchronicity®.

You might remember that I spoke about Quantum Synchronicity® at the AWBC 2019 fall conference!

You will see how you’re presently showing up in your business. You’ll be able to identify what’s important to you in life and in your business and what truly motivates you. You’ll have the opportunity to identify your strengths and weaknesses and while focusing on the strengths of your business brand's purpose and business goals.

Module Two: You are the CEO and Leader of Your Business

Motivate yourself by creating a successful and leadership mindset. Dive deeply into what is blocking you from being the most successful entrepreneur you can be. Uncover your brilliance by discovering the secret energy of your thoughts, beliefs, decisions and actions…no more procrastination and you’ll learn why it started in the first place!

Plus, you’ll identify and learn about your Leadership Personality.

Module Three: Guard Your High Energy Time for Maximum Productivity

Learn six key strategies to increase your time and…productivity. You’ll learn how to control your time and your energy, rather than be governed by the clock. You will learn healthy time boundaries that will alleviate time stress and allow you to get things done. All the time & productivity strategies you learn for your business can easily be transferred to your life, in general. You will understand procrastination and know how to pull out of it and overwhelm in within 60 seconds!

Module Four: Creating a Profitable Business

In this module you’ll learn to get paid what you’re worth and that starts with how you and your clients/customers value what you do!

Making more money is not necessarily the key to a profitable business. You’ll learn the key points and metrics that create profits for your business and the money mindset that goes with it!

Money is just an exchange for the value your customers/clients perceive you give them.

This Program was designed specifically for Women Business Centers and the members they serve.

Other Services Offered:
• Executive Coaching
• Strategic Branding 360
• Writing non-fiction books
• Building Focus & Momentum
• Book Marketing
• Starting a new career or second do-over – Generation Why Not?®
1626 Montana Ave. Suite 605
Santa Monica CA

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The Marketing Time Source, LLC
Point of Contact
Ruth Klein
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Whether your clients are starting, running, or growing their business, LivePlan is designed with their success in mind. LivePlan simplifies business planning, budgeting, forecasting, and performance tracking for small businesses and startups.

- Quickly understand your client's business
- Create a fundable business plan using a proven template
- Reduce your time spent on forecasting by 70 percent
- Know how your client's numbers stack up against the competition
- Advise strategically every month and help your clients grow their business
44 W Broadway, Suite 426
Eugene, OR
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Palo Alto Software, maker of LivePlan
Point of Contact
Josh Fegles or Justin Hardersen
Improving nonprofit and community outcomes for over 25 years.
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Marian Doub Consulting (MDC) Team
• 10+ years of organizational capacity building facilitating the design, build, and use of high-integrity data systems for monitoring and improving program results and client outcomes with small business development and community-based economic and asset development practitioner and intermediary agencies.
• Consults extensively with the staff and organizational members of the California WBC Network, National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders (NALCAB), Association of Women’s Business Centers (AWBC), NeighborWorks America’s Success Measures Evaluation Services, California Association for Microenterprise Opportunity (CAMEO), and, previously, the Aspen Institute’s Economic Opportunity Program.
• Ongoing Evaluation, Knowledge and Data System management consulting with NALCAB and California Women’s Business Center (WBC) Network members.
Marian Doub, Principal: 25+ years as a nationally respected practical visionary, manager and results-oriented administrator with over 100 public, nongovernmental, non-profit agencies, and grassroots organizations.
Jim Wood, Data System Analyst, Developer and Communications subcontractor: has been consulting for a wide range of nonprofit organizations to create effective information management systems and solutions since 2010.
Additional team members provide data analysis and visualization, content expertise, and project management as needed.
Based in San Francisco, California
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Marian Doub Consulting (MDC)
Point of Contact
Marian Doub, Principal
Strategy in Action
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Strategy in Action Program:
Do you know when you’re feeling overworked and underappreciated, you have more to do than you can handle, but your don’t have the help and support you need? We show business leaders how to get clear, stay focused and work smarter so they can do great, satisfying work and have a life.

Other services:
BJG Global Consultants provide evidence based interventions and solutions for leaders and their organizations to effect profitable and sustainable strategic growth in the following areas:

*executive coaching
*small business coaching
*leadership development
*team building
*strategic planning and implementation
*global leadership
*cross cultural management
655 Cinnamon Ct.
Satellite Beach, FL
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BJG Global Consultants
Point of Contact
Beth Gitlin
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We connect small business owners with the right people to build their business.
We help to connect small businesses with vetted, discounted, and qualified service providers to take their business to the next level.
We save businesses months of work and thousands of dollars every year by helping them find...
The right web developer or marketing professional.
The right accountant.
The right person to get their brand message right.
The right general contractor.
The right social media marketer.
The right ads expert.
The right business consultant.
The right people to hire.
And more...
Helping Small Businesses connect with the right people to help them become more profitable and grow faster.

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725 Ponce de Leon Ave, Atlanta, Ga
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The Velocity Company, Inc.
Point of Contact
J.R. McNair