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BrainTrust/WBC Vault
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Vault is non-facilitated peer-to-peer learning for women entrepreneurs who are committed to growing their annual revenue to $1M or more. BrainTrust trains and onboards your clients, teaching our processes and procedures. Though there is no curriculum per se, our semi-rigid protocol and pre-set agendas ensure that each Vault member can dramatically shorten their learning curve, growing bigger and faster than they could ever do on their own. Importantly, there is no "end" to the Vault process - it keeps the women engaged as WBC Vault members for years to come. Vault then becomes a high-value, low expense offering, providing the glue...the stickiness that will keep your Center as the undisputed hub for women entrepreneurs in your community, year after year.

Does it work? Nationally, less than 2% of women-owned businesses ever reach $1M in revenue. But in their first year, almost 6% of Vault members made it to that critical point! And during 2020, even during a pandemic, not a single Vault member lost their business! In fact, most prospered… and if you ask them why, they’ll gleefully tell you it was their Vault.
1258 Martin Street
Nashville, TN
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BrainTrust, LLC
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Sherry Deutschmann